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GTurbo is the first token-option for gas turbine production
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Main advantages of the project
Working business
Our company is a real manufacture with billions of sales.
Full transparency
You will clearly see where the investments are spent and what profit you have. You can sell your tokens at any time.
In-demand product
We already have a list of orders for 10 years ahead from the companies that need our gas turbines to produce ammonium nitrate - the main agricultural fertilizer in the world.
What is GTurbo?
  1. GTurbo is a token-option for investing in a profitable manufacture of gas turbines.
  2. The GTR token is not subject to inflation and volatility, which is why it is a reliable tool for preserving and multiplying capital.
  3. Investing in GTurbo in the early stages of the project will allow you to profit up to 300%.
  4. Full transparency of all stages of investing, scaling manufacture and buyout of GTR tokens.
  5. After scaling manufacture, GTurbo will buyout GTR tokens each year according to the scheme specified in the whitepaper.

Why gas turbines are in demand?
Gas turbines GTT-3 (M) and GTT-3PN are used in UKL-7 units for the manufacture of non-concentrated nitric acid. It is the basis for manufacture of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate and its modifications), as well as complex fertilizers (containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). The industry of nitric acid in the countries of the former USSR still remains the largest in the world. Gas turbines are designed and produced by 5 countries in the world including Russia.

Compared with GTT-3M, the new turbine GTT-3PN allows to produce 24,000 more tons of nitric acid per year (22% of the total manufacture of one turbine per year), which is equivalent to a gain of $ 3.5 million per year.

Project economics
Unique conditions for early and large investors (discount up to 80%)

Investors participate in the project by buying GTR tokens, which are tokens-options produced by Management Company "Turbo".
Third-party manufacturers will be used for the production of components

The funds raised will scale manufacture of gas turbines from 3 to 10 per year.
The manufactured products are shipped to customers

Additional production of gas turbines and delivery to the customer will begin within 15 months from the end of the ICO.
Each investor has the right to choose when to sell the token

The longer an investor holds a token, the higher will be the price of the buyout, reaching a profit of 300%.
December 2017
We produce 3 turbines a year
March 2018
Start of manufacture modernization
June 2018
We produce 10 turbines a year
June 2019
Buyout price of GTR - 0,2$
June 2020
Buyout price of GTR - 0,25$
June 2021
Buyout price of GTR - 0,3$
June 2022
Buyout price of GTR is $0,4, GTR Token profit is 300%
Sergey Vladimirov
Phd of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAE).
Leningrad Military Space Academy named after AF Mojajsky, qualification - the engineer-inspector of technical supervision of especially important ground and underground constructions.
Vitaly Filipov
The economist, the manager, the developer of financial technologies in the banking, state, investment spheres. Vitaly was involved in investment campaigns to attract investments in the industrial sector, in particular, with the support of the state. Vitalay also has much experience in the Cryptocurrency sector including all forms of non traditonal online investment.
Ivan Andrysiak
Applicant of the Candidate's Degree in Pedagogical Sciences "NATIONAL STATE UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL CULTURE, SPORTS AND HEALTH. P.F. LESGAFT", St. Petersburg.
Oleg Prokura
Academician of the International Academy of Social Technologies, Oleg's qualification is a tech specialist in the crypto space.
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